Which would become dead in a few months when everyone Cover Image


Which would become dead in a few months when everyone

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Which would become dead in a few months when everyone jeszcze nic nie opublikował
Data rozpoczęcia 2020-11-25 - 06:00
Data zakończenia 2020-11-30 - 06:00
  • Opis

    Sure, its not fun per se. But it is satisfying. And thats a key aspect of pleasure as well:)

    P.S.. In addition, this is why most men and women say the most FUN area of the sport is PvM. In these places, you receive a number of that action-packed and skill-based content the game has to offer you. And its different type of FUN than your"I simply achieved 83 hunter, now I can get glories"-satisfaction, or your"Ultimately finished complete graceful" achievement.

    Three key aspects to having a rewarding experience in an mmo without devalued achievements.Dude There's literally a subset of the community that thinks that suffering like some RuneScape monk is ordinary MMO gameplay lmao

    Fully completing the sport wouldn't be that much of an achievement if no true dedication, time and endurance have been demanded either.One could make the same argument for pay to win games... You're just spending some time instead of cash. If you are not having fun, the game is playing with you.

    Which would become dead in a few months when everyone has run out of jobs to do and goals to reach. Leagues are created in a way for you to be able to access end-game articles in matter of weeks, and of course having permanent servers may kill the hype to future leagues create the fun and unique league gameplay, well, won't be really enjoyable and unique anymore.

    Much like, Christmas eves would not be so special anymore if they occured every Sunday.

    I'd personally keep playing it. If nothing else as you can get the satisfaction of filling logs far much quicker.

    People are most likely sleeping this but Leagues is probably the ideal way to learn TOB and Nightmare mechanics because you have more margin for error and teams are probably more accepting of errors. That is invaluable since its essentially impossible to Actually find experienced teams willing to put up with a newbie and also soloing things too time consuming

    I can see how it's fun for casuals and people with not that time that are stuck in mid-game at the actual OSRS and didn't experience much of the end-game content.

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