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The money does prove to be helpful

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Data rozpoczęcia 2021-02-18 - 04:00
Data zakończenia 2021-02-28 - 06:00
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    You should see lumby. Many old player makes level 3 balances simply to beg. Merely to tell you... once I started my new account... I had been given around 250K in items and money... Well, this was 2-3 months ago. Next weekend I should have around 10M. Why? Because I merched with the cash. The money does prove to be helpful. Only one thing. You should never beg. I never shopped for it was awarded by a random person. If you find someone who's new and you know 100 percent that he/she is brand new you can choose to helm them out.What should I use? Just how much xp/h This is dependent on what you're doing and how effective you are at doing that. Could you elaborate on what you would like to achieve? Maximum xp per hour or maximum gain for hour Maximum xp. I would like to get 70 variety and 70 defence. Where are the monsters located? Flesh crawlers are good, in the stronghold of security. Anything that's for mems? Just how long will the pursuit take for the archer helm? The pursuit shouldn't take a long time, its low difficulty. You will need to get the prerequisites however, and that may take some time if you aren't keen to dump money in to leveling. Thanks.

    Can I get a skill to 99? You can get any ability to 99. Proceed with the skill you enjoy training. Thieving can be carried out in 72 hours if you are prepared. Really? Please tell me exactly what to do? Please provide me a guide. Anything else? I will try.

    What bolts should I use? I am presently using mith. They are expensive. Which should I use? Also, what equipment should I use? When can I expect profit from slayer? What slayer master should I visit? What method of travel should I use to get there? What teleport tablets should I keep in my bank? What food should I choose? Is there something I could utilize to find how much critters I murdered? Why should I never use scope? I am doing Slayer because I appear to enjoy it. Thanks. I am presently using mith. They are costly. Which should I use? (Not sure) Also, what gear should I use? (not certain ) When can I expect gain from slayer? (I think every task will have profit or another, higher level the better) What slayer master if I visit? What method of travel if I use to get there? (use the maximum level master you can) What teleport tablets should I keep in my bank? (I keep all in my bank just in case, Camelot is good for slayer cave)

    If you are interested, please click