Its about the constant sense more than the end result Cover Image


Its about the constant sense more than the end result

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Its about the constant sense more than the end result jeszcze nic nie opublikował
Data rozpoczęcia 2020-11-30 - 04:00
Data zakończenia 2020-12-31 - 06:00
  • Opis

    Its about the constant sense more than the end result. You chase the feeling of achievement if you are playing osrs or league extended term. And that atmosphere gets eroded by leagues and urf. On the point that it no longer feels rewarding to play the main game.

    Well is not that sort of the point he is making? It's in a sense fracturing a small area of the neighborhood to individuals that prefer just leagues. Not saying it's going to kill the game but stating that you exclusively play leagues proves this point imo.It almost definitely increases the playerbase though as a whole. Both through increased twitch streams and just more people rejoining to play with leagues and just end up staying

    I have not played OSRS in a month or two, but this is tempting me to return. Just how much longer can it be running for?This article is me exactly! Im extremely curious the way the following year goes to this match. . Is this the peak?

    Things I believe could continue to spice it up or be down to this roller coaster which is revival of OSRS

    Will another trailblazer be in a position to be refreshing? Raids 3? Maybe it's because I only started playing again like 6 months ago, and obtained my personality to mid level. Having to repeat all of the quests and things I've gone , even using the xp boosts and so forth, only feels like a chore.

    I've tried things that I never could have otherwise (like a skiller) such as KQ and the TzHaar region.

    Seconded. This really is the best idea they've had because really very early"updates" (which are now main staples of the sport ). Allowing new players try out late-game content, seasoned players examine their game knowledge, making it time-limited. . .they pinpointed the arcade-style texture whilst keeping the game fully intact. Fucking love it especially in a covid winter.

    For me personally I would just love to see the endgame and"finish" the game, but I don't have the time or skill to do this normally speaking, therefore using a permanent trailblazer universe would place this at the realm of possibility for me personally

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