I am sorry but how does WWE not listen to fans Cover Image


I am sorry but how does WWE not listen to fans

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I am sorry but how does WWE not listen to fans jeszcze nic nie opublikował
Data rozpoczęcia 2020-12-24 - 04:00
Data zakończenia 2020-12-31 - 06:00
  • Opis

    Feels like a direct response to 2K. Imagine if this energy was put into Franchise mode or a real My Player mode rather... Especially since the 2k game likely will not even be out until late 21 or 22. Madden: extends"sim" soccer video game license. Additionally madden: does not touch franchise and can so rather. They are probably hoping to get ahead of 2K a little to retain some players. They are bleeding enthusiasts cause they do not hear them. Now they are throwing anything in the wall to get back them except what they've been wanting. I am sorry but how does WWE not listen to fans. The time they came out and advised fans to stop watching when they dont like it.Been joining a few sports radio personalities #fixmaddenfranchise. I suggest you do the same. Maybe they will talk about it. Who knows. I hope to see them proceed with this! I always play the free trial and see what's new with franchise, and check to see if I would like to purchase the game. And I haven't purchased it in 2 decades. I dont play online games, and so franchise mode in Madden and NBA are my go to. I hope to see some changes with this game style. I expect they are taking this seriously. They just spent 1.5 Billion on the NFL license so that it would be crazy to drop a complete fan base after that for franchise style neglect. No it would not, their MUT fanbase is the thing that provides them with all the money, so those folks are those EA cater to. That is what they've done for the last decade or so and they've totally gotten away with it.

    I agree with you, but that's probably 20% of their clients making up 80% of the profit. They will start to lose the not MUT players if they don't at least do anything now. Fixing franchise is simply the start. This game was on roster upgrade mode for 6+ years. The lack of detail that they revealed when they spoke about the career mode is not something I want in my franchise experience. They act like this is the first time they heard that there were problems to franchise. Its been awful for years and people have said it for ages. They've just ignored it and perform the whole surprise Pikachu confront when they get backlash after people have spoken up even louder.

    KEEP FIGHTING BROTHERS!! This was one battle, we have got a war to win! BOYCOTT M21. Come have a look at a MODIFIED XBOX SIM FRANCHISE and make EA earn your money! Starts today. This is the biggest bullshit reaction ever!

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