I am not quite certain how to do it if it costs money

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I am not quite certain how to do it if it costs money

I have attempted to"freeload" in Soul Wars win tie or lose just to find zeal points for charms. . I even tried it with a friend believed its similar to Castle War, where you can play 1 on 1 as a private game. (neglect ) The only option Im looking at is RS gold attempt to get my hunter up to lvl 54 and utilize that for Spirit Sprites. (note: I dont fight, so simply killing creatures isnt the one I have to do) Hmm... only require the Obelisk and my residence is complete.

For anybody who had been at the cc last night, you might know I have finally determined on woodcutting for my initial 99. I desired a skill which could not be"bought," per se. I'll probably end up using one of them (fletching or cooking) to trim my woodcutting cape.

Here's the problem: I do not know how to get there. Clearly, I will need to do this fast before I go insane. I was wondering, what is the fastest method that still makes decent cash from 71-99? When there's a method that involves switching tree kinds or employing a different strategy, please clarify it. And if you suggest the saw mill, how could you explain how that works? I've been told it's excellent xp, however I am not quite certain how to do it if it costs money.

Well I used to adore woodcutting so I know a little bit about it, Ivy 68-99 is the speediest but you get nothing but birds nests from it, even if I were you I'd do 71-85 yews 85-99 magics for $ but if you do not want a great deal of cash go yews all of the way. You could also do maples but they're not worth a whole lot, maples are 100xp per log and really fast, almost as quickly as maples. Summary: If you need Money 71-85 yews 85-99 magic. If you want No cash whatsoever 71-99 ivy. If you want barely anything Willows or Maples, Maples are far more but willows are faster. It all depends upon what you want.

Not true... Alright so buy RuneScape gold fastest exp, sawmill, using crystal saw and doing huge tasks. Second fastest, doing teaks and dropping them. Third fastest (apparently) artic pines and splitting them. Decent money?