The Chargers are a team on the rise after Justin Herbert was a genuine franchise quarterback

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The Chargers are a team on the rise after Justin Herbert was a genuine franchise quarterback out of this gate within his rookie season. They merely have to Madden 21 coins allow him to develop more to really be a yearly competition. They do have a number of big-name free brokers (Hunter Henry, Melvin Ingram, etc.) however, the biggest hurdle surrounding Los Angeles is playing smarter soccer in 2021. Beneath now-former head coach Anthony Lynn, there were a number of expensive mistakes made throughout the season that finally resulted in losses. Special teams was a crystal clear issue throughout the entire year, which is typically a sign of poor execution from a coaching standpoint.

Provided that Miami doesn't create a dash for Deshaun Watson or a different quarterback, all eyes will be on Tua Tagovailoa following year. The Dolphins 2020 first-round pick did not live up to expectations over his rookie season, but it also seemed like the coaching staff was reluctant to take the training wheels off of the young signal-caller. For Miami to truly understand what they have in Tagovailoa and get one step closer to contending at the AFC East and in the conference, they'll need to let the quarterback loose next season to find out what they have. While swapping him out for Ryan Fitzpatrick late in matches last season helped earn a couple of wins, Brian Flores needs to sink or swim together with Tagovailoa in 2021 to allow him the chance to live up to his potential. When he can, Miami gets the bits ready to have a leap.

New England's issues extend beyond simply finding a quarterback. As we have seen over the previous two years, it doesn't matter if it's Tom Brady or even Cam Newton: the pass-catchers on the Patriots roster are subpar. That gives them two things to aim this offseason. First, they'll need to identify and acquire an excellent quarterback. It finally remains to be seen. However, when they do bring him aboard, they will then have to use their cap space and buy mut coins madden 21 draft funds to come across pass-catching weapons to them on the open marketplace. High-end Hunter Henry and receiver Curtis Samuel seem like solid and realistic choices. If you pair that with Bill Belichick and a still good defense, New England has a chance to enjoy a solid bounce back from a dreadful 2020.Madden NFL 21 Simulation Picks Chiefs To Win Super Bowl LV