I don't feel like villagers were really that more varied in older games

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I don't feel like villagers were really that more varied in older games

Measure 1, and it is a trivial step, is to Animal Crossing Bells massively lower the weighting of this"I saw you burying bells/hitting rocks/shaking trees/fishing/watering blossoms yesterday"Ours in the old games.

I am one of those people. Got tired of this game about 150 hours. Just too much friction with the crafting system, too much content must be trickled later in updates, and too much of the character of previous payments is gone. I liked that the string for the simulation components more than the customization, and NH was certainly not made for players like me.

What do you consider to be trimmed content/missing past gyroids?

And 150 hours is -a lot. - I don't mean to be an ass, it is just difficult to fathom someone placing significantly more time in previous entries for reasons beyond it was just a fresher experience at the moment, or other circumstances.

I also don't want to discount your preferences, but I just can't personally observe the things that created previous entrances magnitudes better.

Then that complaint also applies to the other games except possibly the first. In addition, I feel as though people are missing/ignoring the new dialogue added every month ingame along with the fact that villagers will typically say something unique if you talk to them over 2-3 times. It's not like old games didn't have the difficulties of dialog repeating villagers of the same type feeling like the exact same person.

The situational dialog the first 2-3 times is certainly the worst aspect of talking to villagers and most likely why folks believe that they have no personality. The funny and interesting dialog being concealed behind it makes it so tedious sometimes. I don't care that somebody watched me burying money again , I wish to hear about your wacky antics!

They are also all a bit too sweet, which looks kind of bland and generic. But frankly I have never been randomly told off with a few of my friends/neighbors IRL therefore it is sensible in a way. A little sass would not hurt, though.

I don't feel like villagers were really that more varied in older games. Realistically it comes down to getting things to do/reasons to test in on the cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells game which keeps people playing. I am not convinced a bit more conversation is the difference between 50 hours and 500.